Selected list of environmental articles written by Judy I. Shane


1. “Polymer Sponge Provides Smart Solution to Water Pollution,”
Government Engineering, June 2009.

2. “Tesco Uses Antimicrobial Media in Stormwater Treatment System,”
Stormwater Magazine, October 2008.

3. “Filtration Technology Protects Waterways, Provides Advanced Monitoring,”
Urban Water Management, July 2008.

4. “Norwalk’s Filter Project Offers Tangible Solution to Nonpoint-Source Pollution in Long Island Sound,”
Government Engineering, 2007.

5. “New stormwater pretreatment system uses Smart Sponge absorption filter media to mitigate increased stormwater runoff,”
Stormwater Solutions, 2007.

6. “Albany International Airport Rises to the Challenge of Protecting Local Waterways following Fuel Facility Expansion,”
Stormwater Solutions, 2007.

7. “Westchester County Airport meets Tough International Standards,”
Stormwater Magazine, October 2007.

8. “Filter Project Combats Pollution in Long Island Sound,”
Waste Water International, March 2006.

9. “Rhode Island Provides Positive Solution to Runoff Pollution at Popular Scarborough Beach,”
Government Engineering, March-April 2006.

10. “Smart Sponge Plus Destroys Bacteria at the Street Level,”
Water Keeper Alliance, April 2005.

11. “City of Long Beach Finds Innovative Solutions to Nonpoint Pollution,”
Stormwater Magazine
, July 2005.

12. “Wetlands: Mother Earth’s Natural Storm Water Filter,”
Pure Waterways, Winter 2004.

13. “Trash Trolling Vessel Battles Pollution on Miami River,”
Pure Waterways, Summer 2004.