Focus Group Research

Focus groups are small discussion groups representative of your target audience population and conducted in a specific way by a trained facilitator. This is a well-recognized method of effectively and reliably gaining an understanding of a range of perspectives of a defined group of people.

I've designed the questions and acted as facilitator for focus groups at Northrop Grumman (in five U.S. locations), Fletcher Challenge (in four countries), and Hughes Corporation (in four company divisions).

Written Surveys

While focus groups provide a qualitative method of research, a guide as to how people think and feel about a given subject, written surveys offer a quantitative approach. I've combined the above focus groups with written surveys and presented my clients with easy to read summaries of the research results.

In 1996, I was honored to receive the Jake Wittmer Award for outstanding research from the International Association of Business Communicators for a employee communications project entitled "People Development Practices." The project also received the Gold Quill award.